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Welcome To Sledgehammer Bobbers!

There's no better way to live out your dreams than riding towards them on a Sledgehammer Bobbers motorcycle of your very own.

In the heart of the Rust Belt lies a town known for it's tenacity, blue-collar grit, and hometown pride – Youngstown/Warren, Ohio. While the town hasn’t been a booming steel producer for decades, the spirit of the community continues to shine with belief in the American Dream. This is where Sledgehammer Bobbers calls home. Fittingly enough, we combine the materials that once made the city great with the unbreakable attitude of its citizens, to produce one of a kind dreams in the form of high-octane artwork.

You won’t find production lines, robots, or ready to assemble kits under our roof. You will however find master craftsmen with a passion for designing and building impeccable custom motorcycles. Our community is a constant reminder that the American Dream is different for everyone and sometimes it doesn’t include a padded bank account. That is why Sledgehammer Bobbers makes sure anyone can make one of these dream machines their own.