Sledgehammer Bobbers is a company that was founded around the idea of starting over in life, and more importantly, doing what you were meant to do.  The strongest inspiration behind the formation of Sledgehammer Bobbers in March of 2012 comes from an icon and legend in the motorcycle industry.

“I feel you should be doing exactly what you want to do in life, how you want to do it, when you want to do it. Otherwise you’re wasting your life and you’re wasting the talents that were given to you. Life is like a really precious short gift.” – Indian Larry

The founder of Sledgehammer Bobbers, David Cook, came to find these words to be life altering. Early in life, David discovered a passion for customizing his rides. From bicycles when he was a kid to muscle cars as a young man, his dream was always to be a part of the custom car and motorcycle world.

But, life happens to all of us and David was no different. With a family to support, he entered the family business of financial services. He experienced all the successes and failures that come with life. But, the stress of this business and lifestyle eventually caught up with him and landed him in the Cleveland Clinic with heart failure.

After a difficult fight, he returned home several weeks later and life, as he knew it, appeared to be over. To a certain degree it was, but this would soon prove to be a positive thing. Indian Larry’s much needed words of wisdom found David during his recovery and that’s when he realized that he shouldn’t be getting his old life back. It was time to do what he loved and start his next chapter.

Sledgehammer Bobbers is about starting over, kicking the habits, breaking the chains, and riding towards your dreams. As Sledgehammer Bobbers’ founder came to quickly realize, you only get to take this ride once. Make it unforgettable.